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For if you just need to do web surfing, checking email and the bare minimum for streaming video.




For devices to stream music, watch Netflix in HD/4K format, view multiple security cameras, and faster posting video/pics to Facebook.



For customers that want the best speed for their family. 

Great for Gamers, busy households, uploading GoPro/Youtube videos, and downloading large files.


*Speeds: The internet speeds advertised by Zoom Telecom, including our One Gig Internet service, represent the maximum speeds achievable under optimal conditions. Actual speeds may vary due to a variety of factors including but not limited to, customer location, equipment, network traffic, and the number of devices connected.  Service Availability: Our services, including high-speed fiber internet, are subject to availability based on geographical location. While we are actively expanding our network to reach more areas, not all services may be available in all locations at this time.  Equipment: Certain Zoom Telecom services may require compatible equipment. In some cases, this equipment may be provided by Zoom Telecom, or the customer may need to purchase or rent compatible equipment.

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