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Zoom Telcom is a local company with local employees constructing a state of the art Fiber to the Home network (FTTH).  Each home in our area will have a direct link over fiber optic cable to the network.  This means we can offer incredibly high internet speeds (up to 1 Gigabit per second is available), hundreds of channels of the country’s most popular television programming, and unlimited local and long distance home phone service.

Our fiber network serves homes in areas such as:

  • Wrightsville, GA

  • Wrens, GA

  • Louisville, GA

  • Swainsboro, GA

  • Summertown, GA

  • Modoc, GA

  • Wadley, GA

  • Bartow, GA

  • Stapleton, GA


 Click Here for details to see if our network is serving your area.

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